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2 in 1 Grooming Electric Shaver

2 in 1 Grooming Electric Shaver

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This 2 in 1 Grooming Electric Shaver has a full size blade that will help keep your beard or sideburns trim and neat. This trimmer is a head to toe full body grooming system. You can also use to trim your frontal or back hairline, keeping your head clean and looking good. It will get the job done without causing injuries, or irritating your delicate skin in any way. The switchblade trimmer also has a snap on guide that stabilizes it, and improves control.

Portable - cordless , trims hair anywhere. Integrated design, easy to use and to carry. Precision snap-on guides - for superior control. Includes lighted mini & full-size trimmers for head to toe grooming.

For everyone - great for all ages, trim or full haircut.

Premium quality - rust-free shaver so you don't need to buy frequently.

Powerful enough for the tough stuff yet gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. This 2 in 1 Shaver can help keep your beard or hair trim and neat. Perfect gift for friends and love ones!

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